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Melody Dowlearn
Solutionary Mentorship Client
"Working with Drew was the most impactful thing I have done to date for my business. I promise you will not be disappointed."

How Long Can You Live Without
Knowing Who You Are?

Not knowing who you are or who you are becoming is a problem that needs a real solution. It impacts your most meaningful relationships, how you earn, and how you perceive your future.

If you are unclear about your internal world, how can you live with clarity in your external world?

Identity Mastery is the divine blueprint and most important key to your external success.

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Human Centered Design starts with understanding your own divine design.

The Level 1 Mentorship Program Will Help You 
Master Your Identity & Define Your Future.

Join and Get Exclusive Access To:

Discover clarity on your identity with this robust framework. This asset will help you make consistent decisions in who you are becoming and what value you will build and bring to market.
(Value = $1,997)

Deep dive into your internal world to get what’s inside of you out and available to the world. What you build will explode with impact as you gain clarity and get out of tacky sales strategies.
(Value = $997)
Drew has created the most unique and thought-provoking content that shifts your vantage point on things that are radically familiar to become radically impactful. No copy cat content here.
(Value = $1,497)
These six sessions will be a place of community, focus, and clarity for all program clients. The mentorship will have Q&A, moments of transparency, and shared experience. 
(Value = $1,997)
You will get access to support after the 6 week mentorship program to guarantee your success. This webinar will include high level Q&A and a group coaching opportunity. This will truly be an empowerment support session.
(Value = $1,997)

Total Value - $8485
Price - $1297
$497 for a Limited Time

Drew is a a gifted communicator delivering a powerful impartation of kingdom realities.
Dan McCollam
Founder of Bethel School of The Prophets
Drew is a catalytic influencer.
Steve Backlund
Founder of Igniting Hope Ministries
Drew has an amazing ability to help business leaders connect the dots and to bring solutions.
Brian Orme
Founder of Anomali Ventures

Who You Will Be Learning From

Drew Neal

Founder of Solutionary Ventures

Drew Neal's purpose is clear: to help leaders and organizations grow by discovering wise and innovative solutions for their greatest challenges. As a Solutionary, reformer, and hybrid leader, his impact reaches across industries, multiple spheres of influence, and across 18 countries over the last 20 years. Drews entrepreneurial spirit has landed him as the founder of multiple small businesses in consulting, real estate, and public speaking as well as the founder of a non-profit ecclesiastical organization called Gen One in Detroit, MI.

As a strategist, Drew's wisdom and innovation has created courage for mission and purpose to be elevated as equally important to the bottom line. Investing into human capitol and emotional intelligence matched with leadership, grit, and lots of fun create a cutting edge for success in todays ever changing market. 

Drew's Accomplishments

> Trained over 25,000 people around the world

> Trained over 4,000 leaders in Christian Leadership

> Premium mentorship for over 200 people

> Worked with over 300 Founders

> Raised over 2 million dollars for the non profit in Detroit

> Largest Speaking Opportunity 20,000 people

> Worked in 18 Countries

Drew is fantastic and you'd be blessed to be mentored by him.
Shae Bynes
Founder of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur
Drew allows people to be challenged and allows people to feel God in the process. I love Drew's heart.
Tracy Fox
Chief Revenue Offer at BotDoc
Now I can see my purpose in a way that I wasn't able to before.
Melody Dowlearn
Mentorship Client

Total Value - $8485
Price - $1297
$497 for a Limited Time

Who This is For ...

  • Want to master your identity and define your future?
  • Want to lead a business that serves your purpose?
  • Want to launch, grow, and scale your business from Divine Intelligence?
  • Want to develop the Solutionary Mindset and Skillset?
  • ​​Want to learn how to do well by doing good?
  • Want to converge your supernatural life, your purpose and earning skills into a business? 
  • ​​Want to discover what a community of kingdom entrepreneurs could mean for your continued success?

Mentorship Program Format

The Benefits of the Program

This six week mentorship will forever change the way you make money, find your significance, and determine your impact.

  • Help you identify the competing commitments in your life that are blocking your purpose.
  • ​​Integrate the silos of faith, passion, skill, & opportunity.
  • ​Revolutionize your perspective of who you are, why you exist, and how it impacts how to build your business.
  • ​Get out of the corporate limitations of W2 work.
  • ​Discover your unique competitive edge within the market that God gave you in your divine design.
  • ​Take control of money and learn how to position it for your purpose.
  • Activate Supernatural Wisdom necessary for solutions.
  • ​Define your Solutionary Purpose with clarity, conviction, and unprecedented resolve.
  • ​Give your business "megaphone" substance by building a purpose backbone.
  • ​Learn how your purpose was meant to solve someone's problem and dignify them with value through enterprise.

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Total Value - $8485
Price - $1297
$497 for a Limited Time

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